About myself

I was born in Leningrad.

And I studied there as well. I went to pioneer camps, been to the palace of pioneers... things were so pioneering during those days. I also stood out with my nonconformist beginnings: when our class got the chance to visit the central naval museum, and the most part of my classmates decided to go out and take a walk, it was only me and Gena S. who were open to explore those beautiful and the unknown surrounding us; I was trying to draw the soviet party organizer’s attention of the hypocrisy of our school’s Komsomol organization, for what my behavior had been found as unsatisfactory. I haven’t always been logical in my nonconformist beliefs though, and I joined the Komsomol as well. According to the characteristic given me in school – hot-tempered, but it didn’t interfere with my willing to study and after that - going to the Military Mechanical Institute - the hornets’ nest of the Soviet rocket troops. Construction teams , concerts, hippies... the beginning of the creative way somewhere in time, somewhere in rhyme. Things around me were so fascinating, and the worldwide youth tourism bureau “Sputnik” was too. Right there, A. A. Ivanov was giving speeches on Saint-Petersburg and the history of Russia. As I graduated from the Military Mechanical Institute in 1991, my career in the entrepreneurial activity started. I still had my comprehensive scientific worldview left over from the years of studying in the Military Mechanical Institute, and from the “Sputnik” - my love for local studies and history ( I finished the courses of tour-guiding in 1989). And I still had my skill in rhyming, that’s why I was writing poems alongside entrepreneurial. There was also a Faculty of History in Saint-Petersburg State University - the place, where, in my opinion , it was just indeed interesting to come to - go up and down the stairs, walk through the halls, talking about something or just being fully absorbed with the overwhelming silence. I graduated from the Faculty of History in 2006.

In 1994 the book of my poems “A person from Saint - Petersburg“ was published by the publishing house “Saint - Petersburg’s writer” , and in 1996 - the album for the night - time reading “The nothingness”, by the publishing house “LIK“. Since 2017 I upload my new poems on https://www.facebook.com/konstantin.nadein. The range of my scientific interests includes the history of Konigsberg: throughout the years 2006 - 2008 three of my essays, dedicated to this city, which I still do have a dense connection with, were published in the New Toponymic magazine.

In 2016 I went back to the my temporarily left trade of the tour guide - my first field trips were given in 1989. As for now, by the Committee for Tourism of Saint-Petersburg, I am accredited as a guide-translator. I also have an accreditation of some museums of Saint-Petersburg. My most popular routes are “Peterhof. Not only the splashes”, “Hello from Tsarskoye selo”, “A trip to Kronstadt”. These names by themselves do only represent the motive, that is never being performed by me twice. But, besides the ones listed in above, there are also “Rock-and-roll of Leningrad”, and “name to be spoken in Saint-Petersburg” and the other ones as well...

It’s the truth, that when I give an excursion I really do enjoy my time. But I also share the obtained positivity with the others with a great pleasure. And I truly believe, that when I upload my new poems they are for real worth it.

Konstantin NADEIN