Hi, guys!

Nice of you to come round. I had been here without you before. Everything that is said here is truth. Excursions, history, poems. Truth means that it is not fake. I think that it is better to speak directly, to be on an open wave about what is interesting. For modern conventions are like cardboard walls, they seem to shut well, but they don’t really. It is better without them. Excursions are like a dive into reality: look left, look right, …hold your breath ,.. close your eyes. .. and. .. don't look anywhere. But maybe you want to remember, to learn and to see everything? And do it immediately. I like it this way too. But they say it's wrong from a methodological or methodical point of view, it contradicts the scientific approach. So, if you continue to follow the order in which the letters are placed here, then you can find yourself on a slippery slope, as it seems, you intend to contradict it and neglect it. We can already meet there or we can go there together. History is what not exist: well, a park, well, a monument, a palace, a newspaper, …well, a book, a chronicle... and what else? It might not have been like this. I don't know. But this thing, as one Greek philosopher said, «I know I don't know anything», I know firmly, and I would like to learn something else, to figure that out, as a musician Sergey Kuryokhin who couldn’t understand what music is. In this reason a chronicle, a newspaper, a stone and all this rock-paper-scissors share with me what is inside of them. And since all mine isn’t mine, so with you too. Poetry, generally, is something that can't be at all. And there is no place for it to arise. Whatever mental boredom would not be the poet. Even in spite of the fantasy he is to serve. Therefore I can say only one here: Hi, guys!

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